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avatar for Amber Lautigar Reichert (she/her)

Amber Lautigar Reichert (she/her)

University of Virginia Library
Content Strategist

Parvaneh Abbaspour

Lewis & Clark College
Science & Data Services Librarian
avatar for Ruth Allee

Ruth Allee

Northwestern University
Director, Northwestern Scholars
avatar for Bonnie Allen

Bonnie Allen

Middle Tennessee State University
avatar for Kristian Allen

Kristian Allen

Programmer Analyst
avatar for Laurie Allen

Laurie Allen

University of Pennsylvania
Director for Digital Scholarship
avatar for Smiljana Antonijevic

Smiljana Antonijevic

Research Anthropologist
avatar for Rachel Appel

Rachel Appel

Temple University
Digital Projects and Services Librarian
avatar for Jacqueline Whyte Appleby

Jacqueline Whyte Appleby

Scholars Portal, University of Toronto
Scholarly Resources Librarian

Benjamin Armintor

Columbia University Libraries
Lead Programmer/Analyst

Shawn Averkamp

New York Public Library
Manager, Metadata Services, NYPL Labs
avatar for Laura  Aydelotte

Laura Aydelotte

University of Pennsylvania
CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow

Linda Ballinger

Penn State University Libraries
Metadata Strategist
avatar for Jeff Barry

Jeff Barry

Washington and Lee University
Associate University Librarian
avatar for Eugene Barsky

Eugene Barsky

University of British Columbia Library
Research Data Librarian

Jordan Bass

University of Manitoba Libraries
Coordinator for Research Services and Digital Strategies
avatar for Andrew Battista

Andrew Battista

New York University
Librarian for GIS
avatar for Angie Beiriger

Angie Beiriger

Reed College
Humanities and Digital Scholarship Librarian
avatar for Oliver Bendorf

Oliver Bendorf

DLF Program Associate

Sayan Bhattacharyya

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
CLIR Postdoctoral Research Fellow
avatar for Sheila Blackford

Sheila Blackford

Miller Center, University of Virginia

Amy Blau

Whitman College
Instructional and Data Services Librarian
avatar for Amy Bocko

Amy Bocko

Emerson College
Digital Initiatives Librarian
avatar for Zoe Borovsky

Zoe Borovsky

Librarian for Digital Research and Scholarship
avatar for Chris Bourg

Chris Bourg

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Director of Libraries
avatar for Molly Bragg

Molly Bragg

Duke University Libraries
Head, Digital Collections and Curation Services
avatar for Martin Brennan

Martin Brennan

UCLA Library
Scholarly Communication Education Librarian
avatar for Peter Broadwell

Peter Broadwell

UCLA Digital Library
Academic Projects Developer

Mackenzie Brooks

Washington and Lee University
Digital Humanities Librarian
avatar for Rebecca Bryant

Rebecca Bryant

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Project Manager for Researcher Information Systems
avatar for Laura Buchholz

Laura Buchholz

Reed College
Digital Projects Librarian
avatar for Amy Buckland

Amy Buckland

University of Guelph
Head, Research & Scholarship
avatar for Mark Bussey

Mark Bussey

Data Curation Experts
Managing Director
avatar for John Butler

John Butler

University of Minnesota
Associate University Librarian for Data & Technology

Matthew Butler

University of Iowa Libraries
Research Manager
avatar for Kevin Butterfield

Kevin Butterfield

University of Richmond
University Librarian
avatar for Ellysa Cahoy

Ellysa Cahoy

Penn State University
Education Librarian
avatar for Jonathan Cain

Jonathan Cain

University of Oregon
Head of Data Services
avatar for Christy Caldwell

Christy Caldwell

University of California, Santa Cruz
Science & Engineering Librarian
avatar for Scout Calvert

Scout Calvert

University of California, Los Angeles
CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow for Data Curation

Deborah Cane

Northwestern University
Repository Community Manager

Laura Capell

University of Miami Libraries
Head of Digital Production

Moriah Caruso

University of Washington Libraries
Preservation Librarian
avatar for Jason Casden

Jason Casden

NCSU Libraries
Interim Associate Head, Digital Library Initiatives

Daniel Chamberlain

Dartmouth College
Associate Librarian for Digital Strategies
avatar for Joyce Chapman

Joyce Chapman

Duke University Libraries
Assessment Coordinator

Dawn Childress

Librarian, Digital Collections and Scholarship
avatar for Matt Christy

Matt Christy

Baylor Health Sciences Library
Associate Director for Technology and eResources
avatar for Jason Clark

Jason Clark

Montana State University
Head, Library Informatics & Computing
avatar for Ryan Clement

Ryan Clement

Middlebury College
Data Services Librarian

Lisa Codd

Burnaby Village Museum
avatar for Jason Colman

Jason Colman

University of Michigan
Director of Publishing Services
avatar for Paul Conway

Paul Conway

University of Michigan School of Information
Associate Professor of Information
avatar for Greg Cram

Greg Cram

New York Public Library
Associate Director of Copyright and Information Policy
avatar for Tom Cramer

Tom Cramer

Stanford University
Associate University Librarian for Digital Library Systems and...

Matt Critchlow

UC San Diego
Manager of Development and Web Services
avatar for Michael Cummings

Michael Cummings

George Washington University
Library Systems Coordinator
avatar for Morgan Daniels

Morgan Daniels

University of Maryland
Postdoctoral Fellow for Digital Preservation

Bret Davidson

North Carolina State University
Associate Head, Digital Library Initiatives

Stephen Davis

Columbia University Libraries
Director, Libraries Digital Program

Stephen Davison

Caltech Library
Head of Digital Library Development
avatar for Rachel  Deblinger

Rachel Deblinger

UC Santa Cruz
Digital Humanities Specialist
avatar for Emmanuelle Delmas-Glass

Emmanuelle Delmas-Glass

Yale Center for British Art
Collections Data Manager

Andrew Diamond

Lead Engineer
avatar for Joanna DiPasquale

Joanna DiPasquale

Union College
Director of Content and Digital Library Systems
avatar for Kate Dohe

Kate Dohe

Georgetown University
Digital Services Librarian

Anne Donlon

Emory University
CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow
avatar for Lee Dotson

Lee Dotson

University of Central Florida
Digital Initiatives Librarian

Daniel Draper

Colorado State University
Digital Repositories Librarian

Timothy Duguid

Texas A&M University
Postdoctoral Research Associate
avatar for Kim Durante

Kim Durante

Stanford University
Metadata Librarian
avatar for John Durno

John Durno

University of Victoria
Head, Library Systems

Maran Elancheran


David Eltis

Emory University
Professor Emeritus

Claudia Engel

Stanford University
Academic Technology Specialist

Erin Fahy

Sr DevOps Engineer
avatar for Nicole Ferraiolo

Nicole Ferraiolo

Council on Library and Information Resources
Senior Program Officer

Eleanor Fink

American Art Collaborative
American Art Collaborative Manager
avatar for Declan Fleming

Declan Fleming

UCSD Library
Chief Technology Strategist

Shay Foley

Vassar College
Asst Dir of the Library for Tech and Digital Initi
avatar for Steven Folsom

Steven Folsom

Cornell University Library
Discovery Metadata Librarian
avatar for Franny Gaede

Franny Gaede

University of Oregon
Head of Digital Scholarship Services
avatar for Cristela Garcia-Spitz

Cristela Garcia-Spitz

University of California San Diego Library, United States of America
Digital Library Development Project Manager, ClimateQUAL...

Gary Geisler

Stanford University
UX Designer
avatar for Chip German

Chip German

Program Director
avatar for Dan Gillean

Dan Gillean

Artefactual Systems
AtoM Program Manager
avatar for Marlee Givens

Marlee Givens

Georgia Tech Library
Librarian for Modern Languages
avatar for Lisa Goddard

Lisa Goddard

University of Victoria
Associate University Librarian for Digital Scholarship and Strategy
avatar for Krista Godfrey

Krista Godfrey

Memorial University Libraries
Digital Initiatives Librarian
avatar for Justin Gonder

Justin Gonder

California Digital Library
Senior Product Manager, Publishing
avatar for Gloria Gonzalez

Gloria Gonzalez

Library.Link Network
Senior Library Strategist
avatar for Emily Gore

Emily Gore

Digital Public Library of America
Director of Content
avatar for Eka Grguric

Eka Grguric

North Carolina State University
Libraries Fellow
avatar for James Griffin

James Griffin

Princeton University Library
Digital Infrastructure Developer
avatar for Ana Van Gulick

Ana Van Gulick

Carnegie Mellon University
Program Director, Open Science. Research Liaison, Psychology &...
avatar for Elizabeth Gushee

Elizabeth Gushee

Harry Ransom Center, The University of Texas at Austin
Head, Digital Collections
avatar for Kat Hagedorn

Kat Hagedorn

University of Michigan Library
Head, Digital Content & Collections

Andrew Hankinson

McGill University
Postdoctoral Fellow
avatar for Juliet L. Hardesty

Juliet L. Hardesty

Indiana University Libraries
Metadata Analyst
avatar for Darren Hardy

Darren Hardy

Stanford University
Software Engineer
avatar for Christina Harlow

Christina Harlow

Stanford University
Data Operations Engineer

Corey Harper

New York University
Metadata Services Librarian

Kirk Hastings

California Digital Library
Senior Developer
avatar for Jacob Heil

Jacob Heil

College of Wooster
Digital Scholarship Librarian, Dir. of CoRE
avatar for Margaret Heller

Margaret Heller

Loyola University Chicago
Digital Services Librarian

Katie Henningsen

University of Puget Sound
Special Collections Librarian

Charles Henry

Council on Library and InformationResources
avatar for Jason Heppler

Jason Heppler

Stanford University
Academic Technology Specialist
avatar for Patricia Hswe

Patricia Hswe

Penn State University Libraries
Digital Content Strategist
avatar for Ann Hubble

Ann Hubble

University of California
Digital Initiatives Librarian

Arwen Hutt

UC San Diego
Metadata Librarian
avatar for Ben Hyman

Ben Hyman

BC Libraries Cooperative
Executive Director

Mihaela Ilovan

Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory / University of Alberta
Project Manager
avatar for Rebekah Irwin

Rebekah Irwin

Middlebury College
Curator and Director, Special Collections & Archives

Mayu Ishida

University of Manitoba
Research Services Librarian
avatar for Jonathan Jacobsen

Jonathan Jacobsen

Andornot Consulting
avatar for Margaret Janz

Margaret Janz

Temple University
Science & Engineering Librarian
avatar for Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson

IUPUI University Library
Head of Digitization Services

Ryan Johnson

UC San Diego
Metadata Librarian

Tom Johnson

Digital Public Library of America
Metadata & Platform Architect
avatar for Leslie Johnston

Leslie Johnston

U.S. National Archives (NARA)
Director of Digital Preservation
avatar for Eliot Jordan

Eliot Jordan

Princeton University Library
GIS Developer
avatar for Unmil Karadkar

Unmil Karadkar

The University of Texas at Austin
Assistant Professor

Jesse Karlsberg

Emory Center for Digital Scholarship
Postdoctoral Fellow
avatar for Alix Keener

Alix Keener

University of Michigan
Digital Scholarship Librarian
avatar for Emily Keller

Emily Keller

Data & Society Research Institute
Project Coordinator for Ethics in
avatar for Elizabeth Kelly

Elizabeth Kelly

Loyola University New Orleans
Digital Programs Coordinator
avatar for Ayla Stein Kenfield

Ayla Stein Kenfield

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Metadata Librarian
avatar for Hannah Scates Kettler

Hannah Scates Kettler

University of Iowa Libraries
Digital Humanities Librarian
avatar for Nushrat Khan

Nushrat Khan

NCSU Libraries
NCSU Libraries Fellow
avatar for Delphine Khanna

Delphine Khanna

Temple University
Head of Digital Library Initiatives

Martin Klein

University of California Los Angeles
avatar for Eleanor Dickson Koehl

Eleanor Dickson Koehl

University of Illinois; HTRC
avatar for Dean B. Krafft

Dean B. Krafft

Cornell University
Chief Technology Strategist
avatar for Louisa Kwasigroch

Louisa Kwasigroch

Director of Development and Outreach
avatar for Nick Laiacona

Nick Laiacona

Performant Software Solutions LLC

jonathan leamon

Williams College
Director of Instructional Technology

Mahria Lebow

University of Washington
Data Repository Librarian
avatar for Mark Leggott

Mark Leggott

discoverygarden Inc.
avatar for Xiaoli Li

Xiaoli Li

UC Davis Library
Head of Content Support Services

Purdom Lindblad

Scholars' Lab, University of Virginia Libraries
Head of Graduate Programs
avatar for Erika Linke

Erika Linke

Carnegie Mellon University
Associate Dean & Director of Research/Academic Services
avatar for Elisabeth Long

Elisabeth Long

University of Chicago
Associate University Librarian for IT and Digital Scholarship
avatar for Eric Luhrs

Eric Luhrs

Lafayette College
Director of Digital Scholarship Services
avatar for Sara Mannheimer

Sara Mannheimer

Montana State University
Data Librarian

Jonathan Markow

Chief Strategy Officer

Patrick Martinent

Chief Technology Officer

Maura Marx

Deputy Director of Library Services
avatar for Mark Matienzo

Mark Matienzo

Stanford University Libraries
Collaboration and Interoperability Architect
avatar for Elizabeth McAulay

Elizabeth McAulay

UCLA Digital Library Program
Interim Head, Digital Library Program
avatar for Edward McCain

Edward McCain

University of Missouri Libraries / Reynolds Journalism Institute
Digital Curator of Journalism
avatar for Kate McCready

Kate McCready

University of Minnesota Libraries
Interim AUL for Content & Collections
avatar for D McFarland

D McFarland

Vancouver Island University
Librarian & Coordinator, eResources & Schol Comm

Marcia McIntosh

University of North Texas
Digital Production Librarian
avatar for Sandra McIntyre

Sandra McIntyre

Director of Services and Operations
avatar for Matthew McKinley

Matthew McKinley

UC Irvine Libraries
Digital Project Specialist

Cynthia McLellan

British Columbia Institute of Technology

Jason Meinzer

Reed College
Senior System Programmer
avatar for Sarah Melton

Sarah Melton

Emory Center for Digital Scholarship
Digital Projects Coordinator
avatar for Monica Mercado

Monica Mercado

Bryn Mawr College
CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow and Director of The Albert M. Greenfield...

Holly Mercer

University of Tennessee
Senior Associate Dean

Danielle Mericle

Cornell University Library
Director, Digital Media Group

Lars Meyer

Emory University
Director, Access & Resource Services
avatar for Liz Milewicz

Liz Milewicz

Duke University Libraries
Digital Scholarship Services

Matt Miller

New York Public Library
Head of Semantic Applications, NYPL Labs

Robert Miller

Chief Executive Officer
avatar for Catherine Mitchell

Catherine Mitchell

California Digital Library, University of California
Director, Publishing, Archives, and Digitization
avatar for Josh Morgan

Josh Morgan

Clemson University Libraries
Digital Projects Manager

Lydia Motyka

Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC)
Manager, Digital Services
avatar for Letitia Mukherjee

Letitia Mukherjee

Market Development Manager
avatar for Trevor Muñoz

Trevor Muñoz

University of Maryland
Interim Director, MITH/ Assistant Dean for Digital Humanities...

Ben Murphy

Whitman College and Northwest Archives
Archivist and Head of Digital Services
avatar for Meghan Musolff

Meghan Musolff

University of Michigan Library
Program Manager for Library IT Services, Training, & Assessment
avatar for Katie Nash

Katie Nash

Williams College
College Archivist
avatar for Anna Neatrour

Anna Neatrour

University of Utah, J. Willard Marriott Library
Digital Initiatives Librarian
avatar for Safiya Umoja Noble

Safiya Umoja Noble

Assistant Prof., Information Studies
avatar for Lisa Norberg

Lisa Norberg

K|N Consultants
avatar for Bethany Nowviskie

Bethany Nowviskie

James Madison University
Dean of Libraries and Professor of English
avatar for Brendan O'Connell

Brendan O'Connell

Smith College Libraries
Instructional Technology Librarian
avatar for Thomas Padilla

Thomas Padilla

Michigan State University
Digital Scholarship Librarian
avatar for Michelle Paolillo

Michelle Paolillo

Cornell University
Digital Lifecycle Services Lead

Erin Pappas

University of Virginia
University of Virginia
avatar for Joanne Parandjuk

Joanne Parandjuk

Florida Atlantic University
Digital Library Manager

Susan Parham

Georgia Tech Library
Digital Scholarship Librarian
avatar for Sue Perry

Sue Perry

UC Santa Cruz
Head of Digital Initiatives
avatar for Sarah Pickle

Sarah Pickle

Claremont Colleges Library
Director of Organizational Planning & Assessment
avatar for Emily Porter

Emily Porter

Emory University
Digital Repository Program Manager
avatar for Sarah Potvin

Sarah Potvin

Texas A&M University Libraries
Digital Scholarship Librarian
avatar for Anna Proctor

Anna Proctor

IUPUI University Library
Digitization Manager

Elizabeth Quigley

IQSS at Harvard
User Experience Lead

Erik Radio

University of Kansas
Metadata Librarian

Hannah Rasmussen

Indiana University
avatar for Katie Rawson

Katie Rawson

University of Pennsylvania
Coordinator for Digital Research
avatar for Jack Reed

Jack Reed

Stanford University
Geospatial Web Engineer

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